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Tasman marine Limited was originally founded on the 3rd of December 1992. The company currently has one brand, Aqualite and has the capability of building boats up to 9m in length.

Tasman Marine Limited is a member of the following:

  • NZ Marine Industry Association
  • NZ Chambers of Commerce Tauranga
  • Tauranga Marine Industry Association

Aqualite boats has been building boats for the New Zealand market for almost 20 years, with over 200 boats sold. The brand’s strength has always been in its aluminium pontoon boats which were designed by the renowned boat designer, Scott Robson. The boats have won awards over its many years of production and are famous for their superior build quality and unparalleled handling in some of New Zealand’s roughest waters. Aqualite boats can be built to survey.

Aqualite’s Pontoons are known to be virtually unsinkable! Pontoons are internally divided into watertight compartments, as is the space between the alloy tread-plate floor and bottom of the hull. The sealed sections provide huge buoyancy capabilities which ultimately means that even if the boats are completely full of water, it would still be afloat.


Q & A

Q & A